Aerosim 777

So far, I have been pleased with the Aerosim 777. It has an all right exterior. For a payware aircraft I would expect a little more detail as it looks somewhat like a default aircraft from the outside. The 3D cockpit is great. Nicely detailed and everything is in 3d and there is a detailed overhead. Things do change a bit when you enter the 2d cockpit some of the detail does go a bit. The instruments are good and easy to read but they don’t look fully like what you would expect from a payware aircraft. Some panels do still look good in 2d but not all of them.

Then there are the flight controls. These are good but a little too light and free. They seem far to responsive for an aircraft this size. As seen in the video review they can be thrown around and will react immediately. The animations are pretty good such as the spoilers, the reverse thrust, the cargo door and the evacuation window in the cockpit. However, these are all standard animations for a default aircraft. I was hoping to give a positive review for this add-on but it is hard too. It does have a good sound track but that isn’t a big enough excuse for me to recommend that you buy this. If there was a virtual cabin then maybe, but then again, how often would you see that, the main purpose is to fly and this is good, but not great. There are some good features and if this were the same price as the a318 from Just Flight I would defiantly recommend this add-on. But it is not so I find it hard too. It costs US$35, which seems too expensive for this. If you want a 777 add-on for FSX there are other kinds out there, which may be a bit more expensive but can get away with that because they are generally better.osuere a, consectetur a metus. Proin a adipiscing sapien. Suspendisse vehicula porta lectus vel semper.