When you first load the CLS DC-10 you will be astonished by the look of it. If you have always wanted to fly a DC-10, then you will be impressed and excited about getting this bird into the skies. It comes with a wide range of liveries, if you want to fly commercial or cargo, you have got the livery to do so. It does look brilliant on the exterior. However, when you want to leave the gate you may be a bit shocked in the cockpit. I was not too impressed with the design inside. I found the gauges a little unclear, the panel lighting was red and in general, not very detailed. It was not what I was expecting from this product. Some could argue that it was very accurate to the real thing with the instruments, but, it just isn’t like the real cockpit, there is a difference with the gauges at least, that is hard t put your finger on. Then there is the overhead panel. Good luck trying to set up the plane in the 3D cockpit with the mouse.

As soon as you move past the first section of the overhead, the buttons have gone and are blurry. However, with this said, it is still rather enjoyable to fly. It has a nice autopilot function and the 2D panels do work nicely, and there is a wide range of them. It has a brilliant sound to it. Just like the real thing, not as great as the Alphasim SR-71 Blackbird reviewed below this, but very nice. The flight controls are not as reactive as the default 737-800, but from what I have heard and read from people who have flown the real DC-10, it is accurate. One of the flights that I tried with it was from San Francisco to San Diego. If you know the west coast of America, you will know that that isn’t too far. It flew this brilliantly. I decided to fly the Pan-Am version of the plane. It was frustrating with the poor interior, but it was still a joy to fly. All the systems work brilliantly.

So, should I buy it? Yes and no. If you really want a DC-10 add-on for FSX, then you should get it, but if you just want an add-on, or want a DC-10 add-on but don’t want to spend a lot, then don’t buy it. If I had the choice again, I would forget about it. I was just really disappointed with the 2D panel and 3D overhead; it was what I would expect from a freeware aircraft. Even though it has a great exterior, where do you spend most of your time when flying? That is the question to ask yourself if unsure if you should buy this product.