Just Flight A318

This is a great add-on for a very low price. It is very cheap compared to other add-on aircraft. It has a nice detailed exterior, with good animations, such as cargo door openings, main door opening, ground crews, nice landing gear and so on. The interior is just as good as the exterior. Unlike the CLS DC-10, the entire overhead panel is 3D and clear. Even though not all the buttons work, it still looks realistic. There are also a series of circuit breakers, which look real and are behind the first officer’s seat. The instruments are clear and similar to an actual airbus. The 2D panel is very similar, if not identical to bigger aircraft in Just Flights range of Airbus’. The pedestal is similar to the overhead panel. You get a great 2D version and a great looking 3D version. All the buttons are clear and don’t go blurry. There is a great FMC, this isn’t that simple to use, but easy to navigate your way around and find. The cockpit is just a very detailed, nice place to be.

Now, one of the most important parts of an add-on aircraft is that it runs smoothly on my standard settings. Some aircraft do not. This drives me insane. However, this A318 is very smooth, as smooth as standard aircraft but better quality. You do not get a view of the passenger section, but it is so cheap you can’t really complain. Another important part of an add-on aircraft for me is that it must fly like to real thing and be easy to fly. This is almost there. Sometimes I think that the controls are a bit too responsive, but this can be expected from such a small aircraft. You don’t have the problem with the standard A321 when the flight controls are very unreactive. In my opinion it is better to have flight controls more responsive. In flight, the autopilot is very simple to use, it is very fun to fly and not to hard to land. When you take into consideration the price of this aircraft (only £5.00), you would be mad not to buy this product. Even though you only get 2 liveries, British Airways and Air France, that is good enough for me. They are highly detailed and you can always buy more.

So, who should buy this product? Everyone is the short answer. If you want an Airbus add-on, but don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on it, then get this, if you just want a new aircraft add-on but you aren’t sure which one, then get this. If you just want the best deal, get this, and if you want an A318 add-on, then get the best for a low price. The price of this is incredible for what you get. This is one of the best add-on aircraft for FSX overall, taking the price into consideration and the actual aircraft as a whole. It is very hard to fault this add-on.