Just Flight Flying Club PA-28 Warrior

The Piper PA-28 Warrior from Just Flight’s Flying Club collection works very nicely overall. As with any add-on aircraft it is not going to be like flying the real thing by Just Flight gets very close to it. The instrument layout is identical to the real aircraft; the layout of the flight controls and seating is just like the real airplane.

There are only a few different paints for the plane but how many would you expect? The animations of it are beautiful. You can open the door (as always); you can open up the engine cover and the luggage compartment. You can also select the payload of the aircraft with free software include with the aircraft. You can select how many people are in the aircraft and in the 3D cockpit you can see them. I find that this is a nice touch! Overall for animations I would give this add-on 8/10. There are some animations missing but it doesn’t affect the game play. The exterior of the plane looks great! It is not as detailed as other add-on aircraft, such as the Wilco A380, but decent. The main part of an add-on aircraft is that it fly’s well and the systems work well. The systems work well, the dials are easy to read, the instruments are laid out just like the real aircraft, so are the radios and position of the flight controls. However, I have experienced some problems with the PA-28 in flight.

The controls work well and it fly’s well most of the time, but if you disconnect the autopilot the elevator is less responsive and gets jammed. The trim part of the elevator is all the moves the aircraft and gets stuck in the up position. This can happen randomly. I have found a fix but it can be annoying. I find that the best solution is to change to a different paint variant when this happens. This is an annoyance but is really the only fault with this aircraft. There are some other problems that come with a flight simulator, such as you don’t get the constant adjustment in the controls like you do with the real aircraft. With the real thing to control column is always moving. This is not a fault with the add-on aircraft but with simulations in general. Other than that I have been able to find very little problems with this aircraft. This is a brilliant little aircraft and is great fun to fly and is a very reasonable price. If you were learning to fly on this aircraft I would absolutely recommend this add-on for you, as it is a great learning help. I highly recommend this aircraft if you want a prop add-on aircraft.