Wilco A380

The Wilco A380 looks good when you first load it up. There can be some issues to get it installed, I had some but could easily find a fix on the internet. It comes with many good liveries such as Singapore Airlines, Qantas, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and some more. Every livery is very accurate and looks like the real thing. It is a bit too shiny in my opinion however. The real thing is shiny but nothing like this. However, I don’t feel that it detracts from the realism of the exterior. There are some minor inaccuracies with the exterior but nothing that will ruin the exterior experience for you The most important part for me with an add on aircraft is that it must fly well other wise it is pointless.
The Wilco A380 flies beautifully. With different hardware configurations it works well. I tried different freeware A380s and none fly as well as this. Next, the interior, there is a full cabin on the main deck; including business class, economy, a bar and premium economy. However there is no upper deck. This is not a major issue but slightly disappointing. The cabin looks good but it could be more airline specific. Such as having private suites on the Singapore Airline version. The 2D cockpit is good enough, however I was a bit disappointed with the 3D virtual cockpit. The control surfaces, such as rudder pedals, were not as detailed as I hoped, and the buttons were like blocks and quite a bit of the overhead panel was non-clickable. I know that lots of aircraft have this but I expected better from this add-on.

The flight systems on this are beautiful in my opinion. The displays are very accurate and the FMC works nicely, whether you are new to it or always use it. It is perfect for everyone. I have experienced some problems with the autopilot and existing hardware. If you own the Saitek multi panel then you will have some problems. For instance it is hard to set the altitude with the unit. It is possible but only after pressing lots of buttons and then it randomly works. The add on also gets confused between the auto-throttle button. It sees it as one switch, it doesn’t see the off part of it, only on. This can get some what annoying but you get use to it after a while. I also find it hard to set the aircraft up on NAV mode to follow the flight path, it can be done but only after pressing a lot of buttons again.

In conclusion it is a great add on aircraft for the price; looks good, flies well and mostly easy to use. It does have some drawbacks if using pre-existing hardware and if you need perfect detail on the interior and exterior and absolute realism on those parts. Overall, if you are in the market to buy an A380 add on then look no further.