Just Flight VLJ

I have never been too keen on add ons for small jets. I like the idea of a VLJ but I have never seen the point of spending money on such a small aircraft. In this case, you only get one model with lots of different paint schemes. These surer all pretty similar but they have changed the colour. I prefer add ons like the Wilco A380 or the Aerosim 777. They are of a similar price but I feel like you get more for your money. This is the case for this add on but it has some extra detail.The exterior of this aircraft by Just Flight is nothing special. I was not blown away by the detail and the fantastic realism. It is what you would expect. To be honest, it is the sort of detail that you would expect from a standard freeware aircraft. I was disappointed by this as I expected more of Just Flight. I know that it is a small aircraft and there isn’t a lot to work with but it still isn’t up to the standards that I have come to expect from Just Flight.The interior is very similar to the exterior in terms of detail. There is a nice 3D cabin and you can move around. As this is a VLJ there are only 5 seats. There is one seat where you have a laptop in front of you. This is nice to see but not that incredible. If I am honest, that laptop isn’t even very detailed. It is a bit blurry. There rest of the cabin is very much the same. I’m afraid to say that the cockpit is very similar to the rest of the interior. You do get all the instruments and high-tech computer screens and everything is where it should be, but it just doesn’t feel like it is worth your money. Everything works and you can enlarge the screens (available with nearly every aircraft!). Both the 3D and 2D cockpit view are not that impressive. They get the job done but are not that nice to look at. When in the 3D cockpit, parts of it are 2D. This is always going to be expected, but you expect it to be some switches, not the throttle!

So far then, this add on has turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. It has a fairly poor interior and exterior. Despite this, the flight controls seem to be rather accurate. As I have said before, there is a great feeling of having a huge amount of power and not much metal to move. Because this is a VLJ, it is so very reactive to any movement. This can get annoying as if you haven’t properly trimmed the aircraft, it is a nightmare on take off and it can be virtually impossible to achieve smooth flight without using the autopilot. It is like the default Cessna 172 but with 2 powerful jet engines on the back. If you like this, you will love this add on. If you don’t, forget it. On this aircraft I find it rather annoying as it can get a bit tiresome after a while.

This add on does have some decent animations but they do not make up for the previous disappointments. When you apply the parking brake checks appear at the wheels of the aircraft. When you shut down the engines, engine covers appear over the front of the engines.

So, who should buy this? Honestly, hardly anyone. If you want great realism, forget it. If you want a stable, easy to fly aircraft, forget it. If you have always wanted to get a VLJ add on for FSX, look around for other options. This is defiantly not the best VLJ add on for FSX.

I was confused by this add on. I thought, this is made by the company that brought us the best value A318 add on for FSX. It seems like no one really cared about this product and they just wanted to make money from it. There is a horrible feeling with this whole aircraft that Just Flight just wanted more money.