Wilco Airbus Series Evolution (Vol. 1 + 2)

The Wilco Airbus Series Evolution Volumes 1 and 2 comes with nearly ever modern airbus airliner. In volume 1 you get the A318, A319, ACJ, A320 and A321. With volume 2 you get the A330-200, A330-300, A340-300 and A340-600. Neither comes with the new A380 but you can buy an A380 add-on from Wilco. If you get the bundle this add-on will be rather expensive. Sure you get a lot of aircraft, but do you want or need them all? Lets see!Fist of all, the exterior for all aircraft is very good. It is very similar to all the other add-ons that Wilco does. It is reflective on the outside if you have high settings and there is exceptional attention to detail. If you are flying on the outside you will not be disappointed with what you have bought. However, when you install this add-on you will get next to no liveries for all aircraft. You have to search around on the internet trying to get some extras or create your own. I do not like this as they could just include a couple big airline liveries with each aircraft straight from the box.The inside is not so impressive. As you are buying so many different models Wilco weren’t going to spend a long time redesigning each cockpit and making it look fantastic. It is not as good as other cockpits that Wilco has out out there. As with every FSX aircraft out there, there is a 3D view and a 2D view. Different people like to fly with different views. Not many people will be a fan of this cockpit. No matter how you look at it, it isn’t great. The 2D panel it poorly designed and looks ‘cheap’. The 3D cockpit has everything there but is a bit fuzzy and blurry. It isn’t particularly crisp. So many of the items in the 3D cockpit are in 2D and it makes you feel uncomfortable in that view.The standard instruments are how you would expect. Nothing too special. They work fine. There are some extras included with all of these aircraft, such as the weather radar. This shows the weather up ahead well but you can’t do much with it apart form turning it off and on. There is also a HUD which only works in the 2D view and doesn’t work too well. It works but you wouldn’t want to use it all the time.

That is a great shame, but how does it fly? It flies like a Wilco. I don’t mean that in a bad or a good way! If you have ever owned a Wilco add-on you will know what I am talking about. There is a sense of realism but it feels fake at the same time. The flight controls will be just that tiny bit too light or the rudder will react too much and turn the aircraft too far. This applies for all the aircraft in this range. It flies all-right, but not how you would expect it to fly. It reacts a bit too much and too quickly to whatever you do.

Too add to this, it can be difficult to fly if you aren’t flying using the worlds best computer. For the average user, you will struggle to keep a balance of smooth performance as well as good detail. If you have an add-on airport you will find it hard, up at 35,000ft, not so much but it may still be noticeable. If you are going to buy this, then keep this point in mind.

In conclusion, who should buy this product? A few people. If you want one specific airbus aircraft for FSX, buy just that aircraft. You will not only save money but it will be much more realistic and more enjoyable to fly. If you want every modern airbus airliner except the A380 then buy this. You get lots of planes that are of reasonable quality for your money. There are better single Airbus aircraft add-ons for FSX out there which will be cheaper and higher quality. For example the Airbus A318 add-on from Just Flight.