Wilco Legacy

Before I even started to test the ‘Legacy’ by Wilco, I had ideas about what it would be like. It had got 80% by PCPilot and it had some good looking pictures. Once you have made the purchase you can download it for FSX or FS2004 up to 10 times. This is great but is nothing new or special. The first thing that hits you when you load this aircraft is the incredible attention to detail. Wilco have clearly spent a long time on this and are not making just passable products to make money. You can tell that they do care about their customers and their products. I would like to say now that I never did say that Wilco had lost their ways and are obsessed with money. However, this is the case with a few companies making add-ons, but not wilco. You will get great detail not matter how high your settings are. There are great reflections and also great animations. The same can be said about the inside. There is a great virtual cabin which makes you feel like you are flying in your own private jet. The inside is just as stunning as the outside. It is even better than the pictures shown on the website. The actual cockpit is a pleasure to be in and is as real as it gets for this aircraft. It is so much fun to fly and the instruments and layout are just like the real thing. The virtual cockpit is much more detailed than older versions of this sort of aircraft made by Wilco/Feelthere, they have spent more time fine tuning the small details.

The 3D virtual cockpit looks better and nicer than the 2D cockpit but you can tell that they spent a lot of time building both views of the cockpit. The only problem in the cockpit is the fact that it is so hard to find your way around it. I do recommend printing off the manual as it does help. I do normally think that I can do anything without having to use the instructions, but this is far to complicated. Unless you fly this jet regularly in real life or have used an older version of this jet made by Wilco, it is worth your while. That said, it is great to use once you know how. I love the weather radar as that is something that you rarely see in an add-on aircraft. It also has a very useful and accurate autopilot. This is very good and well, but what is the point if it is so choppy and slow that you are smashing your head on the controls because you are not able to fly properly? Unfortunately, there will of course be slow points if you are using high settings on a standard computer. If you are, turn down the settings so that it is slightly less detailed and real, but then you will have a blast flying it, right? Yes. The flight controls are super smooth and reactive as it is a relatively small jet. You can feel that you have a huge amount of power and not much metal to move. I always think that this is one for the best feelings in the world. Once you are in the air if feels like you are flying a feather. The sound set that comes with this aircraft is also very nice, it is near identical to previous similar aircraft produced by Wilco/Feelthere. But that was a great sound set so why try to make a new one or even fix it.

Overall, who should buy this? If you already have the ERJ-145, it is best to save your money and give this version a miss. If you don’t have the ERJ-145 and you want a good, affordable private jet for your flight simulator get this. You can’t ask for a better private jet add-on in this range. I have been very pleased with it. There are just some minor issues with it such as the frame rate problem and the initial confusion when trying to use the HUD, but other than that, it is near perfect. There may be some minor tweaks, as there are with any software or hardware, but it is near perfect. I highly recommended it!