Wilco TBM 850

The TBM 850 is a beautiful aircraft that can go as fast as 320 knots but uses far less fuel than one would expect from an aircraft capable of those speeds. As one would expect with a Wilco product, the TBM 850 is easy and fast to install and there were no problems when installing it. Once you have installed the 850, the first thing that you will notice will be the detail of the aircraft. Wilco has spent a long time developing this aircraft and it shows. In my opinion, the exterior of this aircraft is one of the most detailed I have ever seen, and definitely the most detailed Wilco has ever produced. There are so many animations on this aircraft, TBM850_Wilco_20the most that I have ever seen for an airplane this small. You can open the engine compartment, open all the doors, see the pilots in the cockpit, open various hatches, open the luggage compartment. In some situations you can get animated figures to stand near the aircraft, the number of animations on this aircraft will blow your mind.Once you are sitting inside the cockpit you will be struck by the realism of the TBM 850. This is one of the few aircraft where you have to start up the avionics and this will not be done by default. This is a notable point because it just makes the experience more realistic. The start-up of the displays are not instant, you get the load image that you would expect if you were sitting in the real TBM 850. One of the really nice features about this display that you will see all over the internet for this aircraft, is that the two displays operate independently to each other, as it does in the real TBM 850.

One of the great things about the cockpit is that about every button in the cockpit is 3D and clickable. If you have read other reviews on this site then you will know that what we find annoying are buttons that are blurry and can’t be clicked, it just seems lazy. Well, you will find none of this in the Wilco TBM 850. One wouldn’t think that it would make such a big difference, but it really does and is noticeable. In the cockpit there is also the MFD which can show a variety of information that is all useful information to know, even if it is just a simulator environment. Having systems like TCAS, moving maps, TAS and more make the flight much more realistic, which in turn makes the flying more exciting and enjoyable as you feel like you are really in the cockpit of a TBM 850. Wilco has designed the TBM 850 to have a realistic general interior, and it does. There are stickers everywhere that you would expect, such as stickers to caution you of dangerous parts of the aircraft or indeed to advise you how to fly the aircraft.Once you start to accelerate down the runway, you will be amazed by the power of this airplane. The TBM 850 has incredible acceleration and an amazing cruise speed. It is a notable point that the sounds of this aircraft sound just like the real thing. When accelerating down the runway, there is an exciting sound, more so than certainly any default FS aircraft, and better than most other add-on aircraft that we have tested.

The flight controls are excellent on the TBM 850. If you have read other reviews of Wilco aircraft on this website you will know that the area for us that most Wilco add-ons fall down is the realism of the flight controls. However, I believe that with the TBM 850 they have got the realism of the flight controls spot on. The beauty of these controls is that they are light whilst also being heavy. If you have ever used a VLJ add-on for FS you will know the issue with the flight controls. You have far too much power for a plane that size. It is very sensitive and makes it a nightmare to control. The TBM 850 has none of this. It is like combining the flying controls of the default 737 with the default Cessna aircraft in FSX. I use these aircraft so that anyone who owns FSX knows what I mean. In flight, the landing gear animations and flap animations are spot on. I am sure that anyone who flies this aircraft will enjoy it!

However, as with any aircraft that is this highly detailed, it will run much slower than quite a few other add-on aircraft. Having said that, most computers will be able to run it with no issues depending on your graphics settings. It will have a large impact, but it has an easy fix. You also have to consider the detail and fun that you get from this aircraft.

What is the verdict? This is a brilliant aircraft. You get the speed of a jet plane with intimacy and simplicity of flying a prop plane. I am sure that almost everyone who buys this product will absolutely love it and in most cases, I am sure that it will be most peoples go to airplane in FSX or P3D. Wilco has put a huge amount of time, effort and money into this project and as far as I can see it has paid off. This product is currently a very competitive and reasonable price.