Aerosoft Mega Airport London Heathrow

I decided to give this product a review, as I said in the review of the UK2000 London Heathrow add-on that I would tell you if I found a good Heathrow add-on for FSX (review here), and I am pleased to say that I have! At first I was a little unsure about this add-on, I thought that I would have to turn my settings down as Heathrow is a big airport and this scenery would slow my computer down. However I was delighted to find that it didn’t! It ran as smoothly as the default scenery, except better. I am now a huge fan of this scenery add-on. I think that Aerosoft have done a tremendos job with this scenery. I didn’t have to test it for very long to think this. The terminals are very nicely designed, so are the gates. I like the fact that every terminal seemed to have to correct aircraft with the correct carriers. The ground animation is very detailed, with realistic vehicles driving around and very realistic looking gates. I did have some trouble trying to get the jetway to work, eventually I just gave up! I tried some add-on aircraft and some default. The default 737 works nicely and so do some add-on aircraft. It just runs very smoothly.

However, there are some aircraft that dramatically slow it down, I never like these aircraft as they seem to slow the whole game down. When taxing I felt like I was at Heathrow. It felt just as big and confusing as the real thing, there are many taxi ways and many signs to help guide you around. This add-on is just as detailed, if not more detailed than the version by UK2000, except this version doesn’t stop your computer. It is very smooth the whole way through. The whole airport is based on real maps and photos, this makes the game more immersive. It is very simple and painless to install. My only complaint with the install is that there aren’t more options. Normally with add-on airports you get a long list of checkboxes asking if you want certain details, these could eat framerates if you have a slow computer, but Aerosoft don’t do this except for one message asking if you want static UI aircraft.

So, who should buy this product? Normally, I say that most people show buy most products that I review, but it applies to the best, and this product is up there. In my opinion this is the best add-on Heathrow for FSX. You really should buy this add-on if you fly into and out of Heathrow regularly as it will make this approach much more interesting.