Fly Tampa Hong Kong Kai Tak

The old Hong Kong airport closed down many years ago and I always wish that I could have flown into it, either as a passenger or as a pilot. As it has closed down I thought that I would never be able to achieve this dream, but now, I have come as close to that dream as possible. Fly Tampa has done a great job to recreate the possibilities of flying into Kai Tak. It is complete with the checkerboard used for approach, the lights on the ground to guide you in around the bend, and there is a highly detailed Hong Kong below you. The terminal is brilliantly designed and the layout is very realistic. However, as with any add-on scenery, the more options you have the slower the simulator will be. If you check every option, such as static airplanes, ground vehicles, ground lights, etc. it can dramatically slow down if you are using an average computer. The computer I tested it on is in no way the best for flight simulation but is decent. I unchecked things such as static aircraft and excessive ground lights as I knew this would be a problem. Unlike other airport add-ons, such as UK2000 Heathrow, it does not stop you computer. There will soon be a review on the UK2000 Heathrow add-on. Even with these things unchecked Hong Kong and Kai Tak are highly detailed and it is a lot of fun to fly into. At my settings it runs smoothly, even if using add-on aircraft, such as the Piper PA-28 from Just Flight, review here. It is very hard to find negatives about this add-on as you really do get what you paid for. Good quality detail at a reasonable price that is worth it..

I highly recommend this scenery add-on for everyone. It is a lot of fun flying into Kai Tak and even if you never thought of getting a Kai Tak add-on it is worth it. It was one of the hardest airports in the world to fly into and now you can give it your best shot.