Newport Antigua X

This product is called ‘Antigua X’ so I assumed that not just the airport would have great detail, unfortunately this wasn’t the case, but it was because of my expectations.

Normally, the installation of a product is rarely discussed here, however, I have to mention it here as it was so fast and simple. You get two .exe files, one is higher quality, but damages frame-rates and one is lower quality but gives better frames. Which ever one you choose is up to you. You just load one and hit install and a few seconds later you are done. Open up FSX, it will load and that is it. It is the easiest and fastest product I have ever installed on a computer in my life! But this alone doesn’t mean that you should buy it!

V C Bird International (the main airport at Antigua) is extremely detailed. This is where all the time and effort has gone. There is a great terminal building that looks just like the real life building. It is the same colour and design. Everything is the same. The control tower is there and all the roofs that you walk along when you get off your plane and go into the terminal. It is all there. The signs and the taxiways look like the real deal. This will of course change depending on your settings but it will broadly look the same.

Unfortunately, the area around the airport is not as detailed. Some parts are, which is great, but other parts aren’t. I loved the detail of the harbour. You could see the cruise ships and all the boats. however, I was disappointed as around the airport you couldn’t see all the roads and cars driving around like in real life. This may be too much to ask but I would have liked to see more detail just outside the airport that you can see on final. What annoyed me is that some of the buildings are in 3D yet there are some in basic 2D. I know that this applies for all scenery in FSX but it somehow looked different. There were large gaps in between the 2D and 3D buildings.

These things are annoying but the place that you are going to be spending your time is in the air or on the ground in the airport. When you are on approach, chances are that you will be so focused on getting the plane down safely that you won’t notice the 2D buildings. And when you are on the ground you will be slowly taxiing around in the airport and that is where you want the detail.

In conclusion, who should buy this product? Anyone who is looking for a great Antigua airport add-on. It is great detail where it matters and chances are that your frame-rates won’t drop much providing you install the one that is best for your computer. I love this add-on and can’t imagine flying into V C Bird International with the default scenery anymore. Whats even better is that you get a great detailed airport at a very reasonable and fairly low price! I highly recommend this Antigua X for anyone who loves this area of the world!