Long Haul

Be an airline pilot flying across the world. The plane you want to be flying is the Qantas A380 (This is not required). Get your pilot’s briefing and pre-loaded flight plans and take to the skies! This is a very exciting assignment and is great practice if you want to become an airline pilot or have always dreamed of becoming one! In this package you get a briefing, map and flight plans. Fly to multiple destinations with the routes and approaches pre-loaded so all you have to do is fly! Have the time of your life and get one step closer to that dream!

What is included:

  • Flight Plans for 2 destinations (see below)
  • A map
  • Briefing (PDF file)

Fly from London to Sydney with a stop-over in Singapore. You have to get to each city at a certain time and pick up or lose the required passengers and luggage. You must decide the fuel, height and speed. You are in control!

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